Ram Verma

Teaching NLP

Glimpse of Ram Verma's workshop.

Teaching NLP

Ram Verma conducts One Day Free NLP Workshop in Various cities in India.


Ram Verma

The most Versatile NLP Trainer in India

Ram Verma is the best NLP Trainer in India. He startred Teaching Neuro Linguistic Programmming (NLP) in 2000. Currently he had devel;oped many programs based on NLP for different section of society. He has also developed NLP based online courses such as Student NLP and Money NLP. He teaches NLP in Hindi and English.

Ram Verma is teaching various NLP courses in India. His five days workshop namely Certified NLP Master Practitioner Training in India is for every individual who wants to learn NLP and help other as well by becoming a NLP coach.

Ram Verma also conducts one day free NLP workshop in different cities where he teaches the basic techniques of NLP.

NLP Workshop in India

Certified NLP courses in India

Student NLP Trainer

Become a student trainer with Student NLP Trainer course in India.

NLP Master Practitioner

Five days NLP Master Practitioner course in India.

Business NLP

Your business is your extension. Grow your business with NLP.

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I am Dr Ravindra Vishvakarma from Dhanbad. I learnt NLP from Mr Ram Verma in 2013. I had a little knowledge of NLP prior to attending the eight day course.

Dr Ravindra Vishvakarma http://www.viert.in/

We learnt NLP from Mr Ram Verma in April 2013. In just eight days, we were able to deliver our trainings and presentations in Kanpur. Today we enjoy reputation of changemakers in different organizations and public sectors too. This changed the course of our cofidence and career.

PAWAN SHARMA & MONICA SHARMA http://themindcraft.org

I joined Sir’s class back in 2004 April in Kolkata. It was an eye opening session for me. I learnt how simple mind techniques can be used in daily life. He taught us great techniques of inter-personal communications. Today, I am working in Berlin, Germany.


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